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I partner with individuals, companies and family offices that strive to use their time and resources for good, and are exploring how to be effective. It’s an honor to help along that journey.


hI friend,

I get a kick out of aligning for-profit and philanthropic capital for good. The process entails liaising between individuals, businesses and family offices who are problem solvers. 

My lifelong dedication revolves around creating a positive global impact and empowering others to do likewise. Over the past decade, I've forged various nonprofit and for-profit endeavors, aligning with my mission to demonstrate that doing good and thriving financially aren't mutually exclusive.

I firmly challenge the misconception that these two goals are at odds—I'm here to affirm they can harmoniously coexist. While I can't monetize my time, I'm enthusiastic about guiding you in channeling your resources toward a meaningful influence.

A partner for people who want to scale their impact

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The primary goal of my life’s work is to maximize impact. I’ve learned that purpose and profit are not mutually exclusive, and can – in fact – go hand in hand. This journey is about shared values, shared purpose, and having impact.

Let's partner for impact!

  • Impact Investing: The Intersection of Business and Social Good
  • Women in Business: My Personal Journey
  • Business and Leadership for Social Good
  • Intergenerational Social Impact
  • How to Be a Connector 


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Carrie Rich is an outstanding communicator. Why? Because she lives what she teaches! I’ve learned so much from her. You will too.
John C. Maxwell 


I'm Carrie.

I am a devoted mother, a supportive wife, a special needs advocate, a world traveler (often with kiddos in tow), a reluctant public speaker, a long-term investor, an unconventional board member, and a best-selling author.

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I build companies founded on big ideas that positively impact humanity.

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