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Learn from Carrie’s personal story as a woman in business. From building a global nonprofit organization that required knocking down barriers at every turn, to growing a young family, to raising millions of dollars, Carrie shares her story of pushing forward, investing in herself, and helping others live their full potential. Hear how Carrie raised multiple venture capital funds... while pregnant. Carrie openly and poignantly shares personal insights about the role of mentors in accelerating her purpose-driven life, including those who helped her attain board seats, assisted on the home front, and created a support network to accelerate her career when her personal world came crashing down. 

Women in Business: My Personal Journey

Impact investing is a term that we often hear but don’t fully understand. Learn about impact investing from an improbable impact investor—a young entrepreneur without a venture capital track record who went on to successfully invest in a portfolio of socially impactful companies led by people of color and women, 8-years before the rest of the country cared; a female nonprofit executive who found herself cultivating deals and unique relationships with investors who went on to successfully raise and deploy multiple impact funds. Explore how to become an impact investor and how to partner with grassroots entrepreneurs and global corporate giants to do what is both morally right and profitable.

Impact Investing:
The Intersection of Business and Social Good

The greatest challenges of our time have a way of exposing and exacerbating society’s most intractable problems, from food insecurity to housing instability to inequities in education and healthcare. The business community has taken on some of these problems by recognizing that great companies led by great leaders can be both profitable and have social impact. Explore how to be part of the solution by gleaning lessons from grassroots entrepreneurs and by making social impact a permanent part of business strategy.

Business and Leadership for Social Good

We are often taught to become the best at one thing, to dig our own trench, to stay in our own lane, and to focus on our task. That’s one way to succeed— but that’s not what Carrie Rich did. Learn from Carrie’s personal journey, starting as a middle-class kid in the Boston suburbs to today leading multiple global organizations. Carrie is not the best businessperson, the best writer, or the most successful person who’s ever founded a nonprofit. But what she can tell you is how having interests in different areas—and being willing to see how people, ideas, and industries are connect to each other—help create a global network of social entrepreneurs with millions of beneficiaries around the world. Join Carrie in exploring how ordinary people can create extraordinary change, and how we can fit pieces of our lives together to keep the world from falling apart.

How to Be a Connector

Being the parent of a child with a rare disease is hard, to put it mildly. My family is proud to share details of our challenging and uplifting journey in an upcoming documentary film, Too Rare to Care.

None of us gets to decide what changes the world. Sharing my story is scary, it's terrifying. My hope, my deep hope, is that sharing my story inspires others to recognize and appreciate that each of our stories matter. All of our stories are valid and beautiful, especially because of the challenges and pain that we experience.

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